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UFM LOUGA rejoint la plate-forme UMVA

UFM Louga contracted AUXFIN to connect all its branches and all its members to the UMVA platform. After a first small pilot project in 2012, AUXFIN began scaling the UMVA service in collaboration with its partners U-IMCEC, CASC and MECSEF. The UMVA service connects senders and beneficiaries of remittances and the microfinance sector. It allows Senegalese living in Europe to manage their savings online in Senegal; it allows beneficiaries to better manage the funds they receive; all this for a very low fixed monthly fee. Following this agreement with UFM Louga the platform adds another network of service points to the platform, especially in the Louga region, which is characterized by a high degree of migration.

Mr. Mansour Ndiaye, Founder and Director of UFM Louga: "We are pleased to team up with AUXFIN and its partners. The Louga region is characterized by migration and many of our family members live abroad, mostly in Italy, France and Spain. As an institution of reference in this region, we are obliged to bring innovative solutions to respond to the needs of our members and UMVA is an excellent example of such a solution. Therefore, we decided to invest in UMVA and we have huge expectations of our combined efforts to serve our common customers.”

The CEO of AUXFIN, Mr. Cornelis Heesbeen, said: ”We share the vision and mission of UFM Louga and are excited about this agreement, which allows us to enhance our offer to the Senegalese Diaspora and their family members in Senegal. Once more, through the UMVA platform, members are enabled to make better use of their funds, according to their individual or collective needs and priorities."

UFM Louga is a mutual network specialized in rural finance and works closely with farmers' organizations in the Louga region. It has 20 service points, almost 14,000 members, a savings volume of 444 million FCFA and a credit portfolio of 820 million FCFA.

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